How to Propagate and Grow Echinops?

Echinops, Globe Thistle, originate from South Eastern Europe and are a genus of clump forming perennial gardening plants.

There are over one hundred species in this interesting genus.
Attractive leaves are greyish green on top and creamy grey underneath, they are oval or oblong and spiny.

Thistle type flowers are bluish grey or whitish and are a spherical globe shape, they are solitary with spikes and are borne on the end of tall upright stems.

These gardening plants when grown as part of a mixed planting scheme will add contrasting colours, texture and form to your garden.

Essential info

Genus: Echinops
Family: Asteraceae/Compositae
Species: Ritro
Common Names: Globe Thistle, Small Globe.
Classification: Perennial.
Height: 60cm (24inches).
Flowering: From summer through to autumn.

Where to Plant?

These gardening plants are a must in your garden, they are perfect for adding form to your planting schemes and will create a perfect backdrop or sidedrop for most flowering plants.

They mix extremely well with other flowering bedding and border plants of bright colours.
Globe Thistle are really good plants to grow, so add them to your list of must have gardening plants and include them in your garden planting schemes.

Ideal for general flowering beds and borders. Grow them in groups or swathes for to get the best effect.

Although it may seem unusual but a small bed, or border, just with Globe Thistle will create a very interesting and architectural display.

They are perfect for growing in wildlife and wildflower gardens.

Globe Thistle make an ideal dried cut flower.

Site: They prefer a location full sun, they thrive in it!

Soil: Any type of soil, even poor soil, will suite Globe Thistle provided it is well draining soil.

Propagation info

  • By seed in spring.
  • Best germination temperature: 70 deg F.
  • Time from sowing to germination: 5 – 14 days.
  • Or propagate by division in spring or autumn.