How to Propagate and Grow Armeria?

Armeria, Thrift, originate from Northern Europe and are a genus of clump forming hardy perennial flowering gardening plants.

They have attractive dark green linear leaves which form in a low growing mass.
Pretty flowers are rounded cup shape in pink or white and are borne in abundance on long stems.

These are a really stunning flowering garden plant that will look good in most of your planting schemes.

Essential info

Genus: Plumbaginaceae
Family: Armeria
Species: Maritima
Common Names: Thrift, Sea pink, White Sea Thrift
Classification: Perennial.
Height: 30cm (12inches).
Flowering: From spring and into summer.

Where to Grow ?

Thrift are attractive, hardy, easy to grow gardening plants and are best planted in large groups, just on their own or with other flowering or foliage plants.

They will perform well in exposed areas of your garden.

Ideal for edging borders and beds.

They are perfect for traditional cottage gardens where they mix well with other cottage garden plants.

Thrift will tolerate the rigours of growing in a coastal environment.

So if you have a seaside garden this should be at the top of your must have garden plants list.

They will happily grow in containers, on their own or mixed with other plants. Make sure the compost is very draining and does not become water-logged.


They prefer full sun, they thrive in it!


Thrift are prone to basal rot, so a very free draining soil is essential.

Add plenty of organic material, such as well rotted garden compost, before planting to improve drainage.

You may also need to mix in plenty of medium grade horticultural grit to ensure adequate drainage.

Propagation Methods

By seed in spring.

Or propagate by division in spring.