How to Propagate and Grow Arabis ?

Arabis, Rock Cress, originate from the Mediterranean area and are a genus of annual and perennial spring and summer flowering gardening plants.

They never seem to stop growing and flowering throughout summer.

They are spreading in growth habit to the point where they may become a nuisance.

Evergreen leaves are an attractive lance shape, toothed and are covered with a soft white pubescence.

Pretty, small white, occasionally pink, lightly scented, round flowers with four petals appear in late spring through to summer.

Their flowers are lightly fragrant.

They can be invasive but are easily kept under control by pulling out new unwanted growth.

Essential info

Genus: Arabis
Family: Cruciferae
Species: A. caucasica
Common Names: Rock Cress
Classification: Annual and Perennial
Height: 15cm (6inches)
Flowering: From late spring through to end of summer

Where to Plant ?

This is an extremely useful plant for ground cover but needs to be kept in check as it can become invasive if left to spread.

Although they can sometimes spread quite quickly to the point of being invasive, they really are a nice plant to grow.

Its just a case of keeping them under control.

Where: Ideal for ground cover in borders and general beds.

Rock Cress grown at the edge of paths or the bottom of walls will soften any hard edges.

The annual low growing species are excellent for growing in rock gardens.

Site: Grow your Rock Cress in full sun, they thrive in it!

They will however tolerate some dappled shade.

Soil: Any free draining soil.

Propagation info

  • By seed from early to late spring.
  • Or propagate by softwood cuttings in early summer.
  • They may produce offsets which can be removed and grown on to mature flowering plants.