How to Propagate and Grow Alchemilla ?

Alchemilla, Lady’s Mantle, are native to Europe and tropical regions of Africa.

They are a genus of perennial gardening plants with over two hundred species some of which are mound forming.

There are more than two hundred and fifty species within the genus.

Their leaves are rounded or narrowly divided with silvery hairs and masses of tiny green to yellow flowers borne in gentle sprays on spikes.

Alchemilla forms clumps or mounds and are ideal for rockeries and as ground cover.

Lady’s Mantle are such an easy to grow garden plant that can be grown almost anywhere. Its a must for most gardens.

Essential info

Genus: Alchemilla
Family: Rosaceae
Species: Mollis
Common Names: Lady’s Mantle
Classification: Perennial.
Height: 45cm (18inches).
Flowering: Throughout the summer.

Where to Plant ?

This is one of those very popular gardening plants that can be found in most gardens.

They are well suited to most locations and mix well with other border and bedding plants.

You should try and grow these plants wherever you can to add interest and structure to your overall planting designs.

Make sure this plant is added to you list of must have plants.

The leaves will last long into the winter and create interest where most other plants have long since faded.

Where: Ideal for the middle to back of herbaceous borders and as general bedding plants.

Site: They prefer full sun, they thrive in it!

Lady’s mantle will also do well in light shade.

Soil: Any free draining but moisture retentive soil.

Propagation info

  • By seed in spring.
  • Best germination temperature: 65 deg F – 70 deg F.
  • Time from sowing to germination 10 – 12 weeks
  • Lady’s Mantle self seed freely.
  • So make the most of these self seedlings by transplanting them to other areas of your garden or into pots to grow on.
  • Or propagate by division in spring or autumn.