How to Propagate and Grow Agastache ?

Agastache, Hyssop, originate from Mexico and are a genus of perennial flowering gardening plants.

Although they are perennial they may only live four to five years.

Some species can be frost tender and need winter protection in cool climates. This is easy to do by covering the plant in autumn, fall, with a good thick layer of bark or similar material.

Leaves are attractive, pleasingly aromatic and lance shape.

Flowers are pretty, two-lipped, tubular and borne on tall spikes.

Flowers can be white, purple or pink.

This is is a great garden plant that produces masses of flowers over a long period.

Essential info

Genus: Agastache
Family: Lamiaceae
Species: Foeniculum
Common Names: Hyssop.
Classification: Perennial.
Height: 60cm (24inches).
Flowering: From late summer through autumn.

Where to Plant ?

Hyssop are a very popular gardening plant for wildlife and cottage gardens.

Their long flowering period of masses of pretty flowers make them worth growing somewhere in your garden.

Hyssop are excellent for attracting bees and other pollinating insects.

They also look best when grown in groups of five or more with other plants of similar size at the back or middle of mixed beds and borders.

A good way to grow them is in groups, again five or more, on their own as a focal point.

Try them as a back drop to informal ponds for a striking display, they look fantastic.

They can be grown with good effect in shrub gardens where their flowers contrast well against the plain shrub foliage.

Some species being fairly tall and with not very pliable stems they may need staking in exposed windy areas.

Many can be grown in containers with great effect, either on their own or with other flowering or foliage plants.

Where: Ideal for mixed flowering borders and beds.

Site: They prefer a position in full sun, they thrive in it!

Hyssop will also do well in partial shade or dappled shade.

Soil: Any humus rich, moisture retentive but free draining soil.

Adding well rotted garden compost or any other sort of organic material before planting will help improve the structure and drainage of your soil.

Propagation info

Softwood or semi-ripe cuttings in late summer to beginning of autumn (fall).