How to Propagate and Grow Achillea ?

Achillea, Yarrow, are native to Europe and can be found in Britain growing in hedgerows and grasslands.

They are a large group of herbaceous and alpine perennial gardening plants with fine aromatic leaves and small flowers in tightly packed clusters which are mainly upright in growth.

They are old well established traditional herbal plants used for a wide range of differing internal and external ailments.

There are several varieties of cultivated species with different coloured tiny, attractive and pretty, tightly packed flowers.

They are excellent gardening plants and should be grown in groups rather than individually.

Yarrow are highly recommended easy to grow and care for plants.

Essential info

Genus: Achillea
Family: Asteraceae
Species: Millefolium
Common Names: Yarrow, Milfoil.
Classification: Perennial.
Height: 60cm to 80cm (24inches to 32inches).
Flowering: From early to late summer.

Where to grow ?

This is one of the many well used and very popular gardening plants used by gardeners and needs very little attention once established.

They are perfect flowering plants for mixed beds and borders and will add colour, form and structure.

Try growing them with foliage plants where their delicate colourful flowers and fern like foliage will contrast well with just plain leaves.

Yarrow is well suited to dry, even drought conditions.

Where: They are ideal for herbaceous borders and as general bedding plants.

The are an essential plant for growing in English Cottage Gardens and country gardens.

They are perfect as cut flowers and are used by many florists in their floral displays.

Site: Yarrow prefer a position full sun, they thrive in it!

Soil: Any free draining soil.

Adding plenty of organic material before planting will improve the drainage of your soil.

Propagation info

By seed from early to mid spring.

Best germination temperature: 65 deg F.

Time from sowing to germination: 3 – 14 days.

Division in early spring.